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This division of Veta deals with communication training for Business Organizations & Institutions.

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Why Veta Corp

English is indispensable today. In a converging world, it connects people across workplaces, communities, and time-zones. English is the common language of communication in education, business, government and entertainment. Many talented people miss out on opportunities for an exciting future because they cannot communicate effectively in English. With vetaCORP, you can seize these opportunities with confidence and ability.

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India's Largest Spoken English Training Academy

It is a fact that English has become indispensable. Everyone knows it, but in reality not many academic institutions give serious attention to communicative skills in English during a student's formative years. In many schools ...

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The English training industry has a huge potential with business to be tapped in billions of dollars. It is a growing industry particularly in Asia. In India alone the business potential is estimated at several thousand crores. However, the number...

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Veta Best

A ‘HOME STUDY PACK’ that helps you speak English fluently.

A well-researched and tested product, Veta Best comes from the house of Veta, experts in spoken English training. This is not just another book on English or grammar but a complete training programme in spoken English.

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